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The Government of Sikkim is giving immense importance to the Information Technology sector. It wants to achieve better governance through the use of information tools, income and employment generation through private sector participation and empowerment of rural communities to reduce the yawning digital divide. Making all government employees computer literate is also high on the agenda of the administration.

‘Sikkim- The People’s Vision’ an important Government document has identified Information Technology as one of the thrust areas to put the state on an accelerated path of eco-friendly sustainable development. It can be developed as a major service-oriented industry without harming or damaging Sikkim’s natural wealth and beauty – its forest lakes and the entire natural environment. High literacy, absence of labour problems, a pleasant climate are factors that are conducive to the development of IT enabled services in the state.

Keeping the objectives in mind, the Department has taken many initiatives in the field of Information Technology some of the which are listed below:

40 Community Information Centres have been established all over Sikkim. Equipped with computers and a direct satellite link for internet access, these Centres have become very popular with the public and are being used for gaining basic computer skills, accessing the latest news including that pertaining to employment and tender notice, downloading forms etc.

Over the last one year, close to 500 government employees have been imparted computer familiarization courses. Short orientation courses on various sortware packages that have been developed by us in-house are also being undertaken on a regular basis. Low cost multimedia course is also being run by the Centre for Research and Training in Informatics (An autonomous body under the Department of IT).

Hosting the official website which is a rich repository of information containing the Sikkim Herald, government gazettes, prevailing prices of agricultural commodities, important notifications health related material etc.

Office automation software packages like paybiling, personnel information system and budgeting have been developed and implemented for various Government Departments.

CD Rom on the cultural heritage of Sikkim is being developed.

The Department has been allotted funds under the Annual Plan outlay the details of which are as follows:

Salary:                                                        Rs 6.00 lakhs

To meet expenditure on account of salaries for the establishment of the Department.

Travel Expenses                                                        Rs 4.00 lakhs

The fund is required to meet expenditure on travel for the Secretary, Addl. Director, Technical Assistants and other staff to attend various meetings outside Sikkim as well as inspection tours of the Community Information Centres (CICs).

Office Expenses                                                        Rs 15.00 lakhs

The wages of 40 Chowkidars hired for the Community Information Centres is being paid from this Head, Printing of pamphlets and brochures on the usage of CICs for distribution to the public has also been taken up. New telephone connections for the CICs strengthening of electrical service connection, provision of white boards etc, is also being done. A small computer training centre been set up by the Department at the Zilla Panchayat Complex at Namchi for the benefit of the Government employees for which furniture had to be purchased and electrification done. Expenditure to meet the cost of organizing workshops on e-governance has been incurred.

Other Administrative Expenses (Training)                                                        Rs 21.00 lakhs

The Department of Information Technology has embarked on an ambitious plan to train all Government employees in the use of computers in the next few years in collaboration with a private computer training institute. The training fees for the Government employees is being borne by us.

Computerisation of the personnel Information System of the entire Education Department has been entrusted to us. The Department of Information Technology will be purchasing computers worth Rs 11 lakhs for this purpose and developing the software.

Minor Works                                                        Rs 10.00 lakhs

Tollets require to be constructed in the newly established office of the Deparmtnet on the top floor of the Annexe I. Modular partitutions and furniture also require to be set up for various junior level officers of the Department.

Grants in aid to CRTI                                                        Rs 4.00 lakhs

An autonomous body Centre for Research and Training in Information has been established under the Department. This body would be involved in implementing various projects that are being funded by the Government of India. Funds would be required to meet the day to day expenditure.

Motor Vehicle                                                        Rs 1.5 lakhs

To meet expenditure on account of fuel and lubricants and maintenance of the two vehicles of the IT Department

Machinery and Equipment                                                        Rs 8.5 lakhs

Funds are required for the procurement of equipment, software and taking leased lines on hire from the BSNL.

Software Technology Park                                                        Rs 30.00 lakhs

The SIDICO has been entrusted with the task of setting up a Software Technology Park in Gangtok. An MoU has been signed between SIDICO and the Software Technology Park of India for this purpose. The Software Technology Park would provide the infrastructure like wide bandwidth, incubation space etc for local entrepreneurs to set up IT enabled services and software development business in Sikkim. The State Government has committed Rs 30 lakhs as grants-in-aid to SIDICO for establishing the Software Technology Park in the Sikkim Jewels Complex at Gangtok.



Annual Plan Outlay (02-03)

Out of WhichCapital Content

1. Salary

Rs 6.00 lakhs


2. Travel Expenses

Rs 4.00 lakhs


3. Office Expenses

Rs 15.00 lakhs


4. Other Administrative Expenses (Training)

Rs 21.00 lakhs

Rs 11.00 lakhs

5. Minor Works

Rs 10.00 lakhs

Rs 5.00 lakhs

6. Grants in aid to CRTI

Rs 4.00 lakhs


7. Motor Vehicle

Rs 1.5 lakhs


8. Machinery and Equipment

Rs 8.5 lakhs

Rs 2.00 lakhs

9. Software Technology Park

Rs 30.00 lakhs

Rs 30.00 lakhs


Rs 100.00 lakhs

Rs 48.00 lakhs





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