The Tourism Industry is the fastest growing Industry worldwide and it will continue to hold a pre-eminent position. Sikkim, with its spectacular natural beauty and cultural uniqueness seeped in religious mysticism beckons tourists from the national and international markets. The fragile environment requires that tourism development be carefully planned.

For the Tenth Five Year Plan, the Department has carefully spanned the development of tourism infrastructure in all the viable areas.

In the first year of the Tenth Five Year Plan 2002-2003, the Department has projected Rs 586.00 lakhs against the Plan Outlay of Rs 3570.00 lakhs. However, during the current financial year the Planning & Development Department has allocated Rs 600.00 lakhs and Rs 182.50 lakhs in first supplementary demand for grants amounting to Rs 782.50 lakhs for Tourism department under Demand No 41. The sectorwise plan allocation is as under:

DIRECTION & ADMINISTRATION                                                                    Rs 118.00 lakhs

3451-01-01.101-60-44 Head Office Establishment
3451-01-01.101-60-38 Tourism Office Delhi
3452-01-01.101-60-39 Tourism Office Kolkata
3452-01-01.101-60-40 Tourism Office Siliguri
3452-01-01.102-60-44 Head Office Establishment
3452-80-80.001-00.44 Head Office Establishment

With the creation of Engineering Cell in the Department for speedy implementation of projects for infrastructural development, the salary component has been proportionately increased to meet the requirement.

It is also proposed to open an office at Mumbai to cater to the interested tourists from the western side of the country. After prolonged deliberations, the NE railway authorities have now agreed to our opening of one Information Counter at the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station.

Purchase of vehicles for facilitating supervision of construction works by the Engineers is also proposed along with replacement of vehicles already disposed off.

The primary role of the Department in marketing Sikkim in the National and International markets is of utmost importance. Participation in Tourism Mart and Festivals for marketing and publicity of Sikkim is regular feature of the Department for which sufficient fund to meet up the travel cost for participation has been provided.

Minor Works                                                             Rs 10.00 lakhs
3452-01-01.101-60-44-60.44.27 Minor Work

Provision under Minor Works is basically kept for those projects and schemes which do not qualify for the Central Grants in terms of the prevalent condition of assistance. Such schemes and projects are being funded from the State Plan under the minor works expenditure head. There are number of the other schemes like maintenance of Tourist View Points, repairing of the existing huts and minor maintenance of the tourist infrastructure which are being made from this fund. A provision of Rs 10.00 lakhs is said aside for the said purpose.

Cafeteria at Pakshek in North Sikkim                   Rs 12.50 lakhs
3452-01-01.196-00.00.31 Grants in Aid

Pakshek is located very close to Mangan, Head quarter of North Sikkim. To provide basic facilities for the tourists visiting North Sikkim, the Government has proposed to construct a cafeteria at Pakshek. A provision of Rs 12.50 lakhs has been kept for the purpose. This fund will be transferred to Zilla Panchayat, North and the work shall be taken up through Rural Development Department.

FOOD CRAFT INSTITUTE                                    Rs 40.00 lakhs
3452-01-01.102-61-61.00.31 Grants in Aid

The Institute of Hotel Management established in 1991 is given grants by the Department for smooth functioning. However, the grant provided till now is inadequate to meet their demand with the present provision. It is expected to have the IHM tide over the difficult situation. This Institute is helping in training boys and girls to embark on career on their own.

HELICOPTER SERVICE                                    Rs 10.00 lakhs
3452-01-01.103-62-60-62.60.50 Other Charges

Transport and the communication are the important organs of the tourism sector particularly to link remote and far-flung areas. Apart from good road communication network air link is also necessary to provide quality tourism. The Helicopter Service in Sikkim has been introduced by the State Government from November 1998. At present this service is being handled b the Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation (STDC). However, the maintenance of the Helipad is being done by the Department with the provided fund. This is imparting in keeping with directions from the Ministry of Civil Aviation.


Adventure                                   Rs 10.00 lakhs
3452-80-80.104-63-63.00.71 Adventure Tourism

Adventure Tourism being one of the key interest areas for tourism, the effort of the Department is always to open up new trekking routes for providing ultimate adventure to the trekkers. Rs 10.00 lakhs has been provided under the said head of account for opening of the new trekking trails, recce expenditure repairs and maintenance of the trekkers huts and other promotional activities relating to the adventure tourism.

Fairs and Festivals                                   Rs 19.00 lakhs
3452-80-80-104-63.00.72 Tourist Fairs & Festivals

In our attempt to sell Sikkim in the worldwide market the Department will be participating in a number of Tourism Marts and Fairs both in the country and abroad. Some of these Fairs & Festivals are being organised solely to promote tourism and hence, the participation of the Department in some of these becomes necessary as a promotional venture. Further within the State also under this expenditure head of account some grants are being provided to various organizations to support their efforts to hold that traditional fairs, festivals and religious ceremonies. This is basically to encourage the private sector.

International Flower Show in 2003 March is already included in the Calendar of Events along with the Flower Show of Gangtok and Mamchi, Eastern Himalayan Tourist Festival and World Tourism Day are regular events organized by the Department. For this financial year Rs 19.00 lakhs has been provided under this head.

Publicity                                                    Rs 70.00 lakhs
3452-80-80-104-63.00.73 Publicity

Publicity is an important function of the Department of Tourism to disseminate information on the tourism potentials of the State through various media. Realizing the need to project the correct image of the State, a need has been felt to produce quality brochures, release of advertisements to various media and produce visual media, all of which require professional touch. The Department proposes to have all these produced through engagement of media consultants of repute. During the current financial year it is proposed to take up publication of book on "Image of Sikkim", production of films, CDs, posters and advertisement in travel trade magazines for distribution in national and international markets. Rs 70.00 lakhs has been provided under this head of account in the current financial year. This has had impact in ITB Berlin and WTM London.

Information                                                    Rs 3.00 lakhs
3452-80-80.104-63-63.00.74 Information

Under Information, the Department, considering the important role played by the taxi drivers, tour operators and hoteliers, will organize Orientation Programmes for them Brochures/leaflets for dissemination of information from Tourist Information Centre, Gangtok, Kolkata, New Delhi and Siliguri Offices will be printed. This is being done effectively every year.

Information Management System                           Rs 0.50 lakhs
3452-80-80.800-00.00.76 IMS

The Department proposes to purchase one computer in keeping with the Government policy of updating technology for which Rs 00.50 lakhs has been provided under the said head of accounts in the current financial year.

State Share for Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS)                            Rs 145.00 lakhs
3452-80-80-104-63-63.00.74 State Share for CSS

Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme the Government of India provides grants to cover the cost of the building for schemes like wayside amenities, trekkers huts, Tourist Lodges. Yatri Niwas etc. They provide the financial grant at the rate of 75% as the central component and remaining 25% of the State Share is to be met from the Plan Fund under the State Component.

The Department with a view to establish new destinations in West Sikkim has prepared the project for development of an artificial lake at Uttarey. The process of acquisition of land for this purpose has already been completed and the Department has also released part payment of Rs 49.00 lakhs in the last financial year towards the compensation for acquiring the land and property assessed against total amount of Rs 87.00 lakhs as per the compensation statement received from the District Collectorate, West. The provision has been made to pay the balance amount in the current financial year from this head of account.

The Department proposes to establish a full fledged Institute of Hotel Management. The Government of India has agreed to provide the fund for construction of the building. As the State Share the Department is required to provide the land for which there is a proposal for acquiring of land for the said Institute. An amount of Rs 50.00 lakhs has been earmarked for the land acquisition at Rumtek in East Sikkim.

We have provided Rs 56.00 lakhs as a 25% share of the State Government for matching the grant of the Central Scheme in the current financial year.

CAPITAL SECTION                                            Rs 345.00 lakhs
Developmental Project at Samdruptse       Rs 90.00 lakhs
5452-01.101-60-60.00.71 Developmental Project at Samdruptse

Many tourists coming to Sikkim have special interests, one of them being spread of Buddhism in the State. The installation of Statue of Guru Padmasambhava at the hill top of Samdruptse is sure to become a pilgrimage centre and attract many tourists. Provision of Rs 90.00 lakhs in this financial year will go for installation of statue and completion of the infrastructure. We will definitely boost the upper income group from South East Asia.

Developmental Project at Chemchey                              Rs 10.00 lakhs
5452-01-01.101-60-60.00.72 Developmental Project at Chemchey

Scenic location of Chemchey in South District was found ideal for development of tourist resorts in this place. The Department of Tourism has already acquired the suitable land. The provision of Rs 10.00 lakhs is set aside for site development and fencing of the areas in this financial year.

Construction of Ropeway at Namchi                                  Rs 15.00 lakhs
5452-01-01.101-60-60.00.77 Construction of Ropeway at Namchi

Ropeway between Namchi to Samdruptse has been proposed to facilitate tourist in South Sikkim. Feasibility study has already been done. Provision of Rs 15.00 lakhs has been set aside in this current financial year which will go for installation of ropeway.

Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation (STDC)                   Rs 60.00 lakhs
5452-01-01.190-62-62.00.54 Investment

Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) was established in 1998 to augment marketing tourism industry. The Department has been annually releasing fund as part of Equity Share since its inception. A provision of Rs 60.00 lakhs has been kept for investment in STDC during this financial year.


Development of Seven Sisters Waterfalls at Bridge #5 Menrongong, North Sikkim         Rs 20.00 lakhs

54452-01-01.101-60-60.00.78 Other Developmental Projects

Seven Sisters Waterfalls is situated at Bridge #5 (Menrongong) in North Sikkim. To facilitate the tourists visiting North Sikkim it is an ideal spot for them to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. There are a number of picturesque waterfalls, that is alluring to the tourists. The Deparmtent has proposed to develop this spot at an estimated cost of Rs 20.00 lakhs during current financial year.

Development of Rimbi Rock Garden                         Rs 30.00 lakhs
5452-01-01.101-60-60.00.79 Development of Rimbi Rock Garden

Rimbi falls on the way to Khecheopalri Yuksom in West Sikkim, one of the main areas of trekking, situated at a distance of 12 kms from Pelling.

Tourists visiting Gangtok also visit Pelling and adjoining areas because of their own scenic beauty, panoramic view of Mt Khanchen Dzonga, Rimbi has its own feature, it has three decades old Hydel Power House situated on the wide spread banks of Rimbi river. The Government has proposed to develop this place by creating a Rock Garden along with beautification and basic amenities at an estimated cost of Rs 30.00 lakhs during current financial year.

Wayside Amenity at Martam, East Sikkim                 Rs 20.00 lakhs
5452-01-01.101-60.00.80 Construction of Wayside Amenity at Martam

Martam is situated along the National Highway, about 20 kms from Gangtok. There is a place popularly known as Water Garden, a relaxing spot for the tourists. For the tourists visiting the spot the Department has proposed to build a wayside amenity/ Cafeteria. A provision of Rs 20.00 lakhs has been provided for the said purpose.

Land Compensation for Garbage Disposal Area                           Rs 100.00 lakhs
5452-01-01.101-60.00.81 Land Compensation for Garbage Disposal Area

There is a Recreational Park and a Botanical Garden/Ipecac Garden at Saramsa which is 14 kms away from Gangtok. This is also one of the tourist spots within the vicinity of the Stte Capital, Gangtok. Since the available area is inadequate to cater to the every day increasing visitors to this botanical/ recreational park, the Department of Tourism now proposes to acquire the land opposite the garden which is currently being used by the Urban Development & Housing Department as garbage disposal area and develop it into a Theme/ Recreational Park. For the acquisition of the land a provision of Rs 100.00 lakhs has been provided in the current financial year.


3452 tourism Revenue Expenditure

Rupees in lakhs

1. Direction & Administration


(a) Salary, Office Expenses, OE, TE & Other Charges


(b) Minor Works


2. Grants-in-Aids to Zilla panchayat, North Sikkim


3. Grants-in-Aids to Institute of Hotel Management


4. Helicopter Operation


5. Promotion & Publicity


(a) Adventure Tourism


(b) Tourist Fairs & Festivals


(c) Publicity


(d) Information


(e) State Share for Centrally Sponsored Scheme


(i) Acquisition of the land for Uttarey Lake in West Sikkim


(ii) Acquisition of land for IHM


(iii) State Component for CSS




5452 Tourism Capital Expenditure


1. Development of Samdruptse


2. Development of Chemchey


3. Ropeway at Namchi


4. Share Capital to STDC


5. Development of Seven Sisters Waterfalls


6. Development of Rimbi Rock Garden


7. Wayside Amenity at Martam


8. Land Compensation for Garbage Disposal Area




Revenue Expenditure


Capital Expenditure








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